9 Photos of the Panhandle and Panama City Beach, Florida That Will Make You Want to Move Here

You can be sure that any destination named as being home to the \”World\’s Most Beautiful Beaches\” is going to be stunning.

Panama City Beach, Florida sits along 27 miles of pristine, sugar-white sand that is unique to this area of the Panhandle.

 The soft sand, which has a reputation for \”squeaking\” between your toes, is offset by the sparkling emerald-green crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

 Vacationers travel from all over the country to relax in a hammock, feel the warm ocean breeze, and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

 Here are 9 photos that will help you to see just why…

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It\’s not just the stunning natural beauty of the area that keeps vacationers coming back year after year.

Panama City Beach is also home to a wide variety of beachfront hotels and condos, incredible seafood restaurants, and amazing attractions.

So… When will you be joining us here in Panama City Beach, Florida?