Featured Attractions to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Want to know “what else” you can do while in Panama City Beach besides hitting the beach and the occasional golf course?

Now, thanks to our panamacitybeach.com website, you can search out and book a featured Panama City Beach experience courtesy of our new “Attractions” page!

We want to encourage all our visitors to mix it up a bit and really discover what Panama City Beach truly has to offer. There’s a lot of things here on this list that make this world renowned beach destination a unique place.

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Known to have some of the highest concentrations of bottle-nosed dolphins in the world, taking a famous Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour (and dolphin swim!) is a very popular thing to do. And did you know that Panama City Beach is also regarded as the Shipwreck Capital of the South for its many underwater shipwreck discoveries? If you’re into diving, this may be a great way to explore a whole new world.

If under-water exploration isn’t your thing, there’s always above water – as in sunset cruises, shell Island tours, and deep sea fishing.  It’s a real thrill, and best of all, it’s not very expensive, especially if you’re sharing the cost between friends.

If water just isn’t your thing, perhaps checking out some theme parks and cool sights such as the Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Gulf World and Shipwreck Island, or Wonder Works and Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of things one can do aside from beach bathing and balcony spying. Obviously, the choice is yours on what to do, but sometimes it’s the “other” stuff we do that can make our vacation experience more memorable.