Panama City Beach Among Top Affordable ‘Fall Destinations’

According to TripAdvisor’s recent ranking of the top 20 affordable fall time vacation destinations, Panama City Beach, Florida ranked among the top!

The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Beaches’ ranks highly as a go-to fall destination much for its continuous warm temperatures, lighter crowds (no lines!), and more affordable accommodation pricing. In fact, the fall season is typically referred to as the Value Season by most local businesses.   

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One can expect about a 30 percent drop in rates for vacation rentals during the fall season compared to the summer. That amounts to anywhere between $300 to $500, which can be the deciding factor if you’re looking to save a little extra money on your annual vacation and can wait by having it in the fall as opposed to the summer.

Just recently, TripAdvisor ranked Panama City Beach as the second most popular Labor Day weekend go-to destination, heralding the beach’s local festivals and family friendly environment as a major contributor.